Here I am! I am Emanuela Amy Rossi, Amy is my nickname to whom I am very fond of. It would be very long to describe my life … Pesaro, then Milan, then Rome and now Pesaro (I’ll tell you about this blog). Starting from my graduation in Rome, I went back to Pesaro where I started my career as a radio and television reporter: Veronica Hit Radio, Radio San Marino, Radio Fano, SM TV San Marino, Pesaro tv and Fano tv. I love my work and I always have so many projects on the site, a thousand ideas I hope to put into practice. I’m a crazy lover of cats but in general all animals, I love fashion, style, dance, theater, music: all the things that do good to the physical and the soul.

“… and then think that tomorrow will be better and better!”

I leave from this wonderful phrase by Vasco Rossi to describe my philosophy of life … optimistic and always with good intentions. Yes, because despite the very adverse socio-economic period, I still try to be proactive, pursuing my dreams and my projects while keeping my smile intact on my lips.

Silk pages, my blog, is born from the will to tell and share with you my life as a television reporter, DJ and radio speaker. A trip with you, an exchange of thoughts, what I love and what I think.

A trip I will do with you, always with the smile.