How to revive relationships and restore intimacy?
“Love lives for three years” - such an idea was put forward by the famous French writer. It would seem that long-term marriages are clear evidence of the opposite, but…

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Phrases that ruin your relationship
Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words ... will ruin our relationship. Have you ever put off discussing a difficult topic with your partner, because it will inevitably…

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How I saved our family
Like any girl, getting married, I counted on a long and happy family life. I had expectations, illusions and much more. But these expectations were broken on everyday life. And…

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happy family

Overpriced self-esteem: is it necessary to fight it?

A huge number of various articles, dissertations and scientific works were devoted to the study of the problem of low human self-esteem – they studied it through the prism of psychology and psychiatry, created methods to deal with this problem, which is more relevant than ever in the rhythm of modern life. But by the way, very many began to forget about the directly opposite problem, which also exists now and which it is much more difficult to deal with than the first one – this is a problem of too high self-esteem. Is a narcissist a mental disorder or an inborn trait?

fight high self-esteem
The ability to love and to accept your whole being is very commendable, the only thing you need to be able to do is not to cross that thin line between a sober assessment of yourself and unjustified exaltation over the others. How to identify this problem? What are its main symptoms, as well as what needs to be done to “descend from heaven” to earth ”- this text will be devoted to all this. Continue reading

Balance between work and personal life – striving for balance

To achieve heights in a career, for a quick descent to the top, you need an unusually large amount of strength, energy and, importantly, time. Unfortunately, there is only 24 hours in a day and in order to pay more attention to work, it is necessary to infringe on ourselves in something and it often happens that we take time from our loved ones, upsetting the established balance of work and personal life. How to avoid extremes, as well as how to maintain harmony not only in relationships, but also to actively move forward on work – all these issues will be raised in this article.
Table of contents:
Scrooge Syndrome from Deckens’ Christmas Story. Realities
Properly set priorities are half the battle.
Four steps to harmony
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50 ways to escape from negative thoughts

Negative thoughts, how to escape? Man is what he thinks. In this article we will talk about how to escape from negative thoughts. Here you will find the most effective ways to cope with obsessive thoughts that poison our lives.

Every person in life has periods when he is sucked into the abyss of negative thoughts, which sometimes turn into obsessive. We scroll through them in our heads over and over again. It poisons our lives, our mood spoils, we get depressed, despair. Life becomes unbearable, devoid of joy.

Table of contents:
Obsession, as a projection of your imagination.
Negative thoughts: how to escape?
Obsession, as a projection of your imagination.
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5 secrets to keep your relationship perfect for years to come
Relations between a man and a woman psychology: how to maintain a relationship with a loved one for life? - the question arises when there is love and happiness in…


Love and relationships
Love and relationships are two different things. There are couples with a fiery and bright love - and with difficult, sick, undeveloped relationships. There are couples with beautifully built and…


About the re-education of the life partner
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How to interest yourself and the family of an interesting person
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