Balance between work and personal life - striving for balance
To achieve heights in a career, for a quick descent to the top, you need an unusually large amount of strength, energy and, importantly, time. Unfortunately, there is only 24…

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Love and relationships
Love and relationships are two different things. There are couples with a fiery and bright love - and with difficult, sick, undeveloped relationships. There are couples with beautifully built and…

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After a quarrel, you need to put up
People quarrel. This does not always happen vividly, and maybe it can not always be called quarrels, but there are quarrels among any couple, without it in any way. We…

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Married at all costs

Since childhood, almost every one of us has been taught that being alone is embarrassing. To be an “old maid” is the worst thing that can happen to a woman.

It is customary for us to make fun of single women or pity them. Not an inspiring prospect, huh? For this reason, most women seek by all means to cling to a man and get the coveted stamp in their passport.

It becomes so important for us to marry at any cost that the question “for whom?” Ceases to matter. And because of this, the girls make the most terrible mistake. They begin to pretend and adapt to the interests and tastes of the man, so that he understands that she is “the same” and offered her hand and heart as quickly as possible. Continue reading

What to do to prevent a family boat from breaking in everyday life

Each relationship goes through certain stages of its development. When it comes time to live together, on the one hand, it strengthens them, and on the other, it provides for the solution of certain difficulties. First of all, they are associated with the unification of two different worldviews and habits together.

I think you have repeatedly heard the phrase “Life kills relationships”, but is that so? Is it possible to consider the moment of “rubbing” as a murder of relations? How to keep love in everyday life, and how not to lose oneself, giving way to a partner, are the answers in our material.

Why life destroys relationships
To begin with, let’s think about what is “life” in general? In the understanding of most people, this is an activity aimed at satisfying their daily psychological and physiological needs. The key word here is “your own”, because everyone knows how best it will be for him, how he will be comfortable and under what conditions this comfort is achieved. Continue reading

6 psychological problems of man according to Guy Winch

The methodology of psychological self-help is a complex of measures that contribute to the normalization of the psycho-emotional state, solving basic life problems. An interesting fact is that people realize the need to treat colds, injuries, cuts, but few people think that mental injuries also require special treatment. And to accumulate stress is dangerous for health – severe depression and disruption in the body are possible.
In the article, we will consider the main ways of working on personal issues, restoring lost strength, psychological balance, and the ability to receive joy from life. What are the recommendations of psychologists for people for every day?

Methods of psychological self-help, psychological unloading in case of failure

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Women's mission: the essence of female psychology
In almost every religion, in many philosophical treatises and teachings, the question arises of why we come to this world. Is there a purpose of human existence, is there a…


How to interest yourself and the family of an interesting person
To interest, to enthrall, to conquer, to muddle ... - different people solve this question in different ways. And if we agree on future relations, then how to do it…


Gynophobia - fear of women: symptoms, treatment, ways to combat phobia
Gynophobia is an obsessive fear of women. Fear of women causes panic conditions, most often it occurs in men. Such fear is one of the most common phobias in modern…


Actual problems of self-realization among youth
If we consider the problems of youth’s self-realization not only from the individual’s side as the complexity of implementing an individual personality, but look at them in general as problems…