Love and relationships

50 ways to escape from negative thoughts
Negative thoughts, how to escape? Man is what he thinks. In this article we will talk about how to escape from negative thoughts. Here you will find the most effective…

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Women's mission: the essence of female psychology
In almost every religion, in many philosophical treatises and teachings, the question arises of why we come to this world. Is there a purpose of human existence, is there a…

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Floriculture of love: how to care for relationships
Probably, whole libraries of books have already been written about the relationship between men and women, hundreds and thousands of seminars have been devoted to this topic. And yet, in…

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Love and close relationships: male and female features

Studies by ethologists have shown that the characteristics of male and female human behavior are not unique: many animals have the same differences.

Male monkeys have better expressed spatial abilities and are more aggressive, females tend to cooperate and care for their neighbors. A reasonable question arises: why do they need it? The answer is quite obvious: because they have different reproductive strategies.

The male seeks to impregnate as many females as possible, which means that he must move a lot and be able to defeat other males. The main share of care for the offspring falls on the female, which means that she should be caring, capable of sympathy and inclined to teachings. Continue reading

Love and family

Love is currently one of the most common reasons for creating a family, but not the only one.

Families are created not only for love. There are completely random reasons – pregnancy. Or need a residence permit. Or age has come up. Or in revenge to a beloved or beloved. Or the girl wants to escape from her parents, who do not consider her an adult, do not give independence and are terrorizing … Where to escape? Getting married. See Why and Why People Create a Family Continue reading

Genius wife

The wife of a genius is a profession, a vocation and hard work. Vera Pavlova described her duties with complete accuracy: “The muse inspires when she comes, the wife inspires when she leaves, her lover inspires when she does not come. Do you want me to do all this at the same time? ”Actually, the genius’s wife should not do anything else. The point is in simultaneity. We must be able to constantly be around and at the same time not to bother.
Talking about the wives of geniuses is complicated precisely because genius is a discord: mathematical is one thing, artistic is completely different, music is third. It is desirable for artistic natures that their wives understand and share their enthusiasm for their own cause, as well as cast out doubts to which any genius is highly exposed. Continue reading

After a quarrel, you need to put up

People quarrel. This does not always happen vividly, and maybe it can not always be called quarrels, but there are quarrels among any couple, without it in any way. We are not telepathic, sometimes we do not understand each other, sometimes we do not understand correctly, interpret it incorrectly, conjecture, twist and all that sort of thing. This is a natural part of our life, and you should not expect otherwise. It is only twenty-year-old naive young women who can think that living together is always soul to soul. In fact, even a very loving couple has disagreements and disagreements (and, if desired, quarrels). Continue reading

Talk about a difficult relationship

If something in the family’s behavior doesn’t suit you in your partner’s behavior and, in your opinion, he can fix it, you need to discuss this with your partner. Right. And if the partner leaves the conversation? And if the conversation goes after the conversation, the partner seems to agree, but the question is not resolved? If the relationship with each conversation deteriorates, but you can’t leave them alone?
Suppose a husband is a workaholic, from morning till night he is busy making money, arrives home late, tired and no, even after drinking a little after business meetings in a restaurant … Continue reading

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Genius wife
The wife of a genius is a profession, a vocation and hard work. Vera Pavlova described her duties with complete accuracy: “The muse inspires when she comes, the wife inspires…