Love and relationships

Lovely scolding - quarrel rules no offense
How is a family quarrel (internal) different from an external quarrel? A family quarrel is a continuation of love, only by other means. And external conflicts have a different nature,…

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The hidden motives of civil marriage
Unconsciously, we know what is true, real, lasting, sanctified and legitimized, and what is fake, temporary. And then what does all our talk about the notorious “passport stamp” mean? Although…

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Women's self-esteem, how to become happy and loved?
How to love yourself and increase self-esteem? The question is important and relevant in the presence of life difficulties, especially on the personal front. Often women tend to sacrifice their…

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Married at all costs

Since childhood, almost every one of us has been taught that being alone is embarrassing. To be an “old maid” is the worst thing that can happen to a woman.

It is customary for us to make fun of single women or pity them. Not an inspiring prospect, huh? For this reason, most women seek by all means to cling to a man and get the coveted stamp in their passport.

It becomes so important for us to marry at any cost that the question “for whom?” Ceases to matter. And because of this, the girls make the most terrible mistake. They begin to pretend and adapt to the interests and tastes of the man, so that he understands that she is “the same” and offered her hand and heart as quickly as possible. Continue reading

Relationships Without Manipulation

The alien soul – darkness, in each family, and in each group of people united by something – their own laws. Wait, do not rush to regret or condemn. Try to figure out who the Persecutor is here, who is the Victim, who is the Savior … And who are you yourself. Which of them do you want or do not want to be?

Manipulation is a complex psychological device, the purpose of which is that a manipulator (a person who puts pressure) tries to finish his drink. Often, the work of a manipulator is based on trust in oneself, feelings, fears, experiences of other people. For all its complexity, it is found everywhere, both at home and at work, both with children and with parents. Continue reading

Phrases that ruin your relationship

Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words … will ruin our relationship.

Have you ever put off discussing a difficult topic with your partner, because it will inevitably lead to screams and slamming the door? Have you ever said something in the middle of a conversation that unintentionally (or perhaps deliberately) angered your partner? Have you ever finished a conversation with a feeling of frustration, inaudibility, incomprehensibility? You are not alone; communication and conflict resolution is hard work. So severe that 40-50% of marriages end in divorce in the United States, according to the American Psychological Association. However, lack of communication is only part of a failed relationship. Sometimes the way you communicate (or not communicate) is a real cause of conflict. Continue reading

Office romance: when to hide relationships with a colleague

Love can accidentally descend anytime, anywhere. Amur absolutely does not care where and when to launch an arrow into your heart. One of these places may well be work. This is not surprising, since the people we face during the working day have already become part of our lives. It is possible that one of the colleagues may become for you more than just a colleague. However, romance in relationships sometimes interferes with work and can seriously undermine the image of a business person. Sometimes a romance at work causes a job loss. To avoid this, it is necessary to develop the right behavior strategy with the team, as well as your loved one. You will learn how to behave in this sensitive situation without risking spoiling business and love relationships from the materials in this article.

Why do relationships at work grow into a romantic?
Statistical studies conducted in large American companies have revealed very interesting results. Almost every third person working in them, one way or another, was involved in a romantic relationship with a colleague. The atmosphere in the team often contributes to this: common professional interests, constant communication, a lot of time spent together, corporate events and other informal events outside of work. This is very close, and if you add here and mutual sympathy, then the novel is completely at hand. Continue reading

Love lives three years? Stages of relations and how to prolong them

After the release of Frederic Begbeder’s novel “Love lives for three years”, this phrase is used as truth, it has already been reflected in more than one work of art, and even some psychologists agree with this. It is difficult to disagree, because the author of the novel argues his hypothesis with hormones that support a person’s sense of love. But after three years, the level of hormones returns to the former, consciousness comes back to normal and “love” as it never happened …

But, apparently, most fans of the theory did not read the book to the end, where the hero himself strongly doubted the correctness of his views. But what about real life, where we love to talk about the treasured three years of happiness? Are such feelings truly sincere and have the right to be called “Love”? Let’s try to figure it out.

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Female and male psychology in love and relationships
Male psychology in love and relationships is significantly different from female, they live in their own world, where you need to be strong, conquer the peaks and impress beautiful ladies.…


It's time to get married - public opinion requires!
I remembered for some reason a long-standing announcement in a newspaper of acquaintances (then they just appeared and were a curiosity): "A stupid, trusting woman with children and problems wants…


How to change yourself completely: practical tips for every day
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Lovely scolding - quarrel rules no offense
How is a family quarrel (internal) different from an external quarrel? A family quarrel is a continuation of love, only by other means. And external conflicts have a different nature,…