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How to change yourself completely: practical tips for every day

The idea to change yourself completely does not come to all people. As a rule, such desires arise when a person is already “on the brink”.
He has the impression that his life goes according to an unpredictable scenario, but still he has a chance to change this state of affairs. If you are in a similar situation, this article is for you.

If you expect someone to accept you as you are, then you are just lazy wise. Because, as a rule, “as it is” is a sad sight. Change, cattle. Work on yourself. Or die alone.

How to overcome self-doubt
What motivates a person to change himself completely
The time will come when you decide that it’s over. This will be the beginning.

how to completely change your life
Very often a person has the illusion that the whole world is tuned against him. The work disappointed, there were no friends, the neighbors annoyed, the appearance was worthless. This phenomenon can be called a kind of conspiracy theory. Each failure only confirms that everything is a foregone conclusion, and there will only be worse ahead.

Some people who do not have enough willpower to pull themselves together begin to roll down an inclined plane, drink alcohol to at least temporarily leave the world of reality, stop monitoring their appearance, and become depressed. They certainly need help, advice, and support. If a wise and well-disposed person is encountered on their life path, he will certainly change their idea of ​​himself and the world around him.

Two categories of people who are unhappy with their lives
First category
In one team worked a man whom everyone tried to avoid. He had a constantly displeased look, and his face had such an unfriendly expression that no one had the slightest desire to enter into conversation with him. If, due to production needs, he still had to exchange phrases, he expressed malicious definitions, and it was noticeable that everything around him infuriated, annoyed, and unbalanced him.

The appearance of this man was constantly sloppy, clothes sat on him, as if a bag. He looked at those around him with rude-mocking, then cold-indifferent, then dull-gray eyes, and each of his colleagues tried to leave the space with him as soon as possible.

The authorities nevertheless appreciated this man, as he coped with the work quite well, and therefore urged him not to pay attention to such trifles. But still, one day, the employees decided to give him all the comments, and find out why he behaves in such a way as if everyone around him has something to do. At one of the meetings, a young girl gathered courage and asked him a question why he had such an attitude towards colleagues.

The man did not expect that he would have to answer, and with an irritated face he squeezed out the phrase: “What right do you have, insignificance, to climb into my soul ?! If only you knew how I hate you all! ” After this silence reigned, all those present at the meeting froze, and gradually began to disperse.

Such people belong to the first category. They blame the world and the people around for their failures. They believe that they are biased, that they deserve the best, and do not see anything bad in themselves. It seems to them that they are not valued, they want to use, therefore they relate to people with a clearly expressed share of distrust and neglect.

Most likely, such a person will never want to change himself. Everyone around will tolerate his presence, avoid communication with him, but this will not teach him anything. This category of people will not work on themselves, however, as well as reading this article.

Category Two
If a person begins to wonder why failures and mistakes accompany him, nothing can be achieved in life, and comes to the conclusion that it is time to take up the mind and start working on oneself, this is a representative of the second category.

He is trying to draw up an action plan, set goals and move forward. This is usually a person with a critical mindset. He realizes that the source of all his troubles is in himself, and tries to change himself completely. Such people will not neglect criticism, draw informed conclusions, and still succeed.

Representatives of the second category will be interested in special literature, follow the advice of experienced psychologists, and learn to be masters of their lives.

How to learn to evaluate yourself critically
A person who has decided to embark on a path of change should create an adequate self-esteem. This process provides for a critical balance between own forces and daily tasks of any levels.

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