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Office romance: when to hide relationships with a colleague

Love can accidentally descend anytime, anywhere. Amur absolutely does not care where and when to launch an arrow into your heart. One of these places may well be work. This is not surprising, since the people we face during the working day have already become part of our lives. It is possible that one of the colleagues may become for you more than just a colleague. However, romance in relationships sometimes interferes with work and can seriously undermine the image of a business person. Sometimes a romance at work causes a job loss. To avoid this, it is necessary to develop the right behavior strategy with the team, as well as your loved one. You will learn how to behave in this sensitive situation without risking spoiling business and love relationships from the materials in this article.

Why do relationships at work grow into a romantic?
Statistical studies conducted in large American companies have revealed very interesting results. Almost every third person working in them, one way or another, was involved in a romantic relationship with a colleague. The atmosphere in the team often contributes to this: common professional interests, constant communication, a lot of time spent together, corporate events and other informal events outside of work. This is very close, and if you add here and mutual sympathy, then the novel is completely at hand.

Another common cause of ardent feelings in the workplace is banal boredom and lull in your personal life. A typical situation: a married man is fond of a pretty and charming colleague, who seems to him much more interesting than his wife, exhausted by everyday problems. Another classic example: the mutual flirting of two young colleagues, for whom mutual attention is something pleasant and exciting.

Novel at work: pros and cons
Of course, romance in the workplace has both pleasant and undesirable consequences. How the scenario will develop is difficult to predict. However, its success is up to you.

Benefits of having a romantic relationship with a colleague
In a business setting, it’s easier to see a person from various angles and find out what kind of person he is. These or other situations make it clear what are the life principles of the object of sympathy, what are its advantages and weaknesses. The ability to observe and draw appropriate conclusions about a person reduces the risk of disappointment in the future.

The common interests of the company are very close couple, as their views are directed in one direction. At the same time, colleagues will always have a common topic of conversation, which can be discussed endlessly.

If relations in the workplace, according to corporate ethics, are prohibited, this gives them a special piquancy, strengthens mutual attraction and prolongs the romantic stage.

If you work in the same office, you have a great opportunity to spend a lot of time together and there is no lack of attention in this situation.

American sociologists argue that the affair with a colleague is a powerful stimulant for achieving goals and conquering new professional heights. This is facilitated by the tone caused by the desire to look worthy in the eyes of the object of sympathy.

Work ceases to seem a chore, and you have a desire to go there, which is important.

Bonus: if you fell in love with a colleague, then you probably do not allow yourself to be launched, in every possible way support a good appearance and are in high spirits.

Romance with a colleague: risks
From the moral point of view of relationships at work, an office romance is inappropriate, especially if the partners are already connected by family ties.

In addition, romance can not only stimulate the work, but also significantly reduce its effectiveness. Failures on the personal front unsettle, and a person completely loses professional interest in his occupation. It is especially unpleasant to encounter a colleague if the relationship ended in collapse. For this reason, some employees quit of their own free will, and at the same time lose their prospects of career advancement.

Censure by the team is one of the most common reasons why romance in the workplace is not a good idea. Remember at least the legendary Soviet film of Eldar Ryazanov. The heroine of Svetlana Nemolyaeva was so captured by a tender feeling for Samokhvalov that she completely lost control of herself. What all turned out for the “blonde in terrible roses” we all know very well.

If your partner is prone to excessive jealousy, be prepared for total control on his part. Mental stress and the feeling that you are being meticulously examined under a microscope causes severe discomfort and interferes with work.

Gossip in the team is an integral part of it. In a situation when one of the partners starts an affair on the side, the risk is increased that the deceived spouse or spouse learns the bitter truth from the lips of colleagues, on whose eyes office passions unfold.

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