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Floriculture of love: how to care for relationships

Probably, whole libraries of books have already been written about the relationship between men and women, hundreds and thousands of seminars have been devoted to this topic. And yet, in spite of this, I want to dare and offer my vision of creating harmonious relations. Where a woman plays a major role – a florist …

As many people know, in the Universe everything is so harmonious that it is just right to draw parallels between human life and Nature. She can show how it should be like no other, but we just need to learn to recognize these comparisons.

So, imagine that your relationship with a man is a flower. What it is in your imagination is not important. The main thing is how you will look after him.

Now imagine that your loved one has presented you with a very small shoot with weak roots – so tiny that you need to plant it very carefully so as not to damage the roots and stalk.

First you need to prepare a good drainage and a pot of a suitable shape. It depends on whether air and water inside the pot will circulate correctly. And the roots should be comfortable. This is the foundation that is best paid enough attention to.

In a relationship, it is an acquaintance and the formation of opinions about each other. At this stage, we seek to find out what the partner likes and what doesn’t, what hobbies he has, what his character is, how he relates to different life situations, religion, what are his preferences in food, music and leisure, in sex, what He developed a relationship with friends, with his parents. But in general, you need to understand if we want to know this person closer, what we can accept and what not.

Next, let’s try to understand exactly what kind of land will become beneficial for this flower, what soil will allow it to grow quickly and confidently. Maybe it should be neutral, or maybe clay. Some flowers generally grow in the sand. Choose you.

I call this the “ground laying stage.” In relationships, this stage can begin within a few months. This mainly applies to those couples who have already decided on each other (even if unspoken). It is during this period that you should put into practice the approach that seems most acceptable to you in a relationship: rest together or separately, how to distribute household duties (if this item already exists), and how to adapt to each other. This will allow you to understand if you have a common vision of the family course.

To make the flower comfortable in your home, you need constant care for it. This is watering with settled water, and moistening the leaves, and lighting control. If you forget about it for at least a week, you may lose the plant. Anyway, after such stress, he will need daily care.

This stage can be called a “lifelong”. This is the most painstaking work. And it depends on you whether in 5-7 years your relationship will be the same as immediately after meeting how everything will turn out in your family. After all, you are a woman, you have the sensitivity, intuition and flexibility that will allow you to get away from any conflict! As the saying goes, you and the cards in hand. This constant departure will consist in the ability to listen, in the ability to be restrained, even if you want to shout. The ability to find the most suitable time and place for conversation, even if your life partner wants to discuss the problem at two in the morning, lying in bed. In the ability to see relationships from the side. If here, as in the case of the plant, even for a week to forget about timely care, then you can spend years on the restoration of relations.
Flowers will tell you everything
Many years ago, I heard from a friend that a man can check if a woman is ready for family life, very simply. Let her look at the flowers in her house — they will tell you everything. After all, growing flowers characterizes her as a caring, attentive woman, able to appreciate and love.

Many years have passed since then. I have long forgotten these words. And this spring, when she was caring for flowers, the idea arose of a new training, in which a woman planted a flower with her own hands, took him home and looked after him. Remembering that this is a symbol of her relationship with a man.

Are you ready to constantly “look after the relationship”?

Often women doubt the answer, because they do not know whether they have enough strength and patience.

You can easily check it – grow your flower.

I wish you wisdom and patience.

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