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To achieve heights in a career, for a quick descent to the top, you need an unusually large amount of strength, energy and, importantly, time. Unfortunately, there is only 24…

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After the release of Frederic Begbeder’s novel “Love lives for three years”, this phrase is used as truth, it has already been reflected in more than one work of art,…

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Lovely scolding – quarrel rules no offense

How is a family quarrel (internal) different from an external quarrel? A family quarrel is a continuation of love, only by other means. And external conflicts have a different nature, most often material or related to the struggle for comfort.

Most of all, internal quarrels hurt us. Before talking about how to get away from undeserved grievances, we note: if a person’s moral values ​​and personal qualities are not affected by a quarrel, the conflict can be resolved with the least loss. This is one of the basic rules. There are others …

Pick time
You should not start a quarrel when your opponent is tired, sick, hungry or drunk. The listed categories cannot be equated, since they correspond to different energy states of the body, but it is undesirable to find out the relationship when a person (or yourself) in this position.

If you “attack” your opponent when he is tired or sick, when his energy field is already weakened, your aggression can lead to irreversible consequences. For example, he may develop some kind of disease.

If your opponent is intoxicated, his head field is energetically weakened and he will react inadequately – from completely ignoring you to a state of uncontrolled aggression. It all depends on the stage of intoxication and personal energy conductivity.

It is hardly worth figuring out a relationship when a person is in these conditions. As a rule, this does not lead to positive results.

One Quarrel – One Topic
Do not recall past grievances. If in the process of a quarrel you want to achieve a specific result, and not just “let off steam”, then it makes sense not to go in the direction of past conflicts and grievances, but to solve only one today’s issue, which is on the agenda. In this case, there is a chance to achieve a positive result.

If there will be a lot of topics, the cause of the conflict may be lost in a large number of other issues. And in the end, you will not decide. Therefore, even at the beginning of the quarrel, decide what kind of result you want to achieve.

Forbidden words
During the conflict, we are in an excited and aggressive state, words often fly off our lips, which we can only regret later. Although it is not only a matter of regret – the words uttered in this particular state have the most destructive force.

As you know, a person is 80% water. And water records information as a magnetic carrier and carries it to all cells and organs of the body. Therefore, it is advisable to quarreling at least a little control of their vocabulary.

First of all, it concerns personal insults. The word is not a sparrow; you can’t fly out. And offending a person is easy. And even after reconciliation, these words will be an invisible wall between you. In addition, they will already work at the subconscious level, in the setting mode.

It is also undesirable to threaten with actions that you are not really going to commit. For example, by divorce. Speaking such words out loud, and even with a strong energy surge, you automatically start the mechanism for implementing this situation. And in no case should you curse anyone, wish death or health problems. Such words have a destructive effect not only on the fate of the one who is being cursed, but (and even more so) on the curser himself. This is especially pronounced in family disputes between blood relatives.

Never call your children names, otherwise they will grow up to what you call them. For example, the words “fool”, “idiot”, “moron” can even lead to head injuries over time.

Only in private!
Try to reschedule the conversation if there are witnesses nearby. People who have witnessed a quarrel can become our enemies. A person in a state of quarrel is psychologically weak and not always adequate. Very often, in this state, he literally loses his face. And extraneous witnesses to the conflict often unwittingly become the owners of other people’s personal information.

Then the person becomes embarrassed and uncomfortable in the presence of those who saw him “without a mask”. By his psychological nature, he cannot forgive them for this.

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