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50 ways to escape from negative thoughts

Negative thoughts, how to escape? Man is what he thinks. In this article we will talk about how to escape from negative thoughts. Here you will find the most effective ways to cope with obsessive thoughts that poison our lives.

Every person in life has periods when he is sucked into the abyss of negative thoughts, which sometimes turn into obsessive. We scroll through them in our heads over and over again. It poisons our lives, our mood spoils, we get depressed, despair. Life becomes unbearable, devoid of joy.

Table of contents:
Obsession, as a projection of your imagination.
Negative thoughts: how to escape?
Obsession, as a projection of your imagination.
negative thoughts how to distract from them
We all know that thought is material. What we think of, what we fear the most, always happens to us. And when we hang in negative thoughts, then life is completely painted black.

Before we talk about how to overcome such thoughts, let’s first figure out why this happens to us. Why are we obsessed with bad thoughts and can’t just let go of the situation?

Obsessive negative thoughts are a kind of bad habit. A person understands that she harms his health, but can not get rid of it. Obsessive thoughts can bother a person for several days, and sometimes months. It can be certain fears, resentments, experiences, painful memories.

But what is most interesting, when time passes and these thoughts disappear, the person realizes that these thoughts did not pose any threat to him. Often, a person through time understands that the thoughts that poisoned his life for a long time are generally dust and it was not worth even thinking about them.

Negative obsessive thoughts arise in the mind of a person involuntarily, against his will. A person is aware of pain, these thoughts are accompanied by depression, anxiety.

Reasons for Obsessive Thoughts:

Most often, the cause of obsessive thoughts is transferred stress. As a person does not try to forget a difficult situation, it is still reproduced in memory again and again.
Obsessive thoughts can arise as a consequence of psychological trauma.
The cause may be severe overwork and exhaustion of the nervous system.
Negative thoughts: how to escape?
negative thoughts how to distract
“We need not to get rid of thoughts, but to direct our attention to them: what are they to, dive into them and find that reason from which they come. It may be, this is some kind of event in your life, which gives rise to fear in you … We need to deal with the reason. And then the “bad thoughts” themselves will go away. ”
D. Crock Friskiting

Give yourself compliments, praise yourself. As soon as you are visited by a negative thought, begin to say in your head the phrase: “Shut up immediately.” Then start complimenting yourself. This is the methodology of psychologist V.K. Nevyarovich, who described this method in the book “Soul Therapy.”
Distract from negative thoughts will help the right attitude. Always say with confidence: I can! I’m doing it!

Relaxation will help distract from bad thoughts. You need to relax your body and have fun. Our body immediately responds to negative thoughts. We have wrinkles, the corners of the lips are down, we look older by 5 years. Go for a massage, take a bath with aromatic oils, visit a beauty salon, go to the pool, sleep. Yoga and meditation will help you with this.
You can get rid of bad thoughts if you throw them out. Do not hold back emotions, cry, shout or talk with a person you trust. In the process of pronouncing the problem, much becomes clear and resolves by itself.
You can write all your negative thoughts on paper and burn them. This is a kind of ritual of cleansing and letting go of the situation.
Imagine your thoughts very small. Squeeze them in a fist so hard that they crumble and develop them downwind.
It is necessary to establish the nature of the problem. Analyze when there are problems with negative and obsessive thoughts. You must clearly understand what is happening to you. There are no hopeless situations and your emotional state can be changed. Negative thoughts have been haunted by some people since childhood, it develops in them a general negative attitude towards themselves and the world around them.

To get rid of negative thoughts, you need to realize your fears. Often your fears are instilled in you by your parents or others. Perhaps you were often told: “You are a loser, you are a poor man, you have no talents, etc.” Such phrases sit in the head of a person, he begins to believe in them and feel and behave accordingly. To get rid of such thoughts, you need to write out all your achievements and joys, even the smallest ones. This will show you what you really are and distract from bad thoughts in your head.
The main reason for obsessive thoughts is anxiety. People are constantly worried about anything. These thoughts are exhausting, although often there is no real reason for concern.

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