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6 psychological problems of man according to Guy Winch

The methodology of psychological self-help is a complex of measures that contribute to the normalization of the psycho-emotional state, solving basic life problems. An interesting fact is that people realize the need to treat colds, injuries, cuts, but few people think that mental injuries also require special treatment. And to accumulate stress is dangerous for health – severe depression and disruption in the body are possible.
In the article, we will consider the main ways of working on personal issues, restoring lost strength, psychological balance, and the ability to receive joy from life. What are the recommendations of psychologists for people for every day?

Methods of psychological self-help, psychological unloading in case of failure

Methods of psychological self-help and psycho-emotional discharge
Observations of psychologists made it possible to notice that a person needs psychological help in such situations: rejection, loneliness, feeling of loss, guilt, self-digging, failure. At the same time, it’s not our nature to turn to psychologists, psychotherapists, we prefer to worry alone or consult with friends. How to learn to solve problems on your own? Let us consider in more detail the most common situations.

The most difficult and famous pain in life. Since childhood, situations have been encountered – they forgot to invite, did not call into the game, refuse friendship. All this hurts the soul of the child, undermines confidence, leads to complexes and isolation. The main manifestations of rejection on an emotional level:

emotional pain – comparable to physical pain, experiments confirm – painkillers reduce the sensitivity of experiences;
the impossibility of logical justifications – a person refuses to listen to the arguments of reason, find justifications, considers rejection to be unjust, harbors insult and does not accept a fait accompli for a long time;

aggression – there is a desire to avenge, break, destroy. Often during periods of scandal, dishes beat, and after the rejection of a beloved, windows and doors. This manifestation is a consequence of the inability to reduce emotional stress. Violence and crime are often the result of rejection or lack of love for children in the family;
Decrease in self-esteem – a misconception about one’s personality arises, when focusing only on the opinion of others, a person avoids communication, can become a “black sheep”. With the growth of self-criticism, problems are aggravated, a repetition of the situation in the future is possible;

the feeling of rejection by society, the fear of being an outcast – it is human nature to gravitate towards society, because it is almost impossible to do without social contacts in order to achieve success in life, and loneliness leads to sadness and a sense of uselessness. Initially, people lived in tribes, then – in communities, now – groups, classes, work collectives.
Often the cause of rejection are physical defects, developmental problems, communication. How to learn to cope with such situations?

self help

Psychological self-help technique:
1) Refuse self-criticism after rejection – do not drive yourself into a dead corner, increase pain. Refute self-criticism mentally or in writing. Even in love stories, rejection is not an indicator of a person’s inferiority; people may have different goals in life, priorities, hobbies, aspirations, or are not confident in their own abilities, willingness to start a family.

In case of refusal to work, the reason may be the lack of certain experience, and not personal qualities, often negative experience with representatives of one educational institution or a person’s character plays a role, everything is subjective, do not torment your own pride.

In social groups and friendship, rejection is associated with the special interests and preferences of people, the rules of the group. Inconsistency leads to exclusion, for the sake of this you should not indulge everything – smoking, drinking, drugs, the inability to make other friends. It is better to find a more suitable company, to create a different circle of communication.

2) Restoring self-esteem – for further normal life it is imperative to restore self-confidence. Remember the personal virtues and features that friends and relatives love and value. If difficult, ask for help. They will definitely tell you, write down at least 5 advantages and characteristics of the person, justification, which is good for you and others.

Any person has unique qualities, skills, abilities, learn to notice them, use in communication, building contacts.

Louise Hay and other psychologists say: self-love is the key to health and happiness. It is with gaining inner dignity and the ability to perceive one’s own personality with love that success begins in communication, dating, relationships. It is impossible to love others without accepting oneself.

3) Return of belonging to the collective – you need to find people who will support, understand, compensate for the experiences.

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