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Is friendship between a man and a woman possible?

The psychology of friendship between men and women is the most mysterious question; for many years, psychologists have been trying to determine whether such friendship exists? Let us consider in more detail the features of heterosexual friendship, how to establish such friendships and maintain? Why do friendships arise between a man and a woman, which contributes to their creation?

The friendship between men and women causes conflicting opinions, some people believe in its possibility, others do not, moreover, girls are more inclined to such relationships, and the guys understand that it is difficult to maintain such a friendship, the appearance of love is likely.


Why do girls like to be friends with guys, what is the benefit of such communication?
Men think in detail, can help with advice in resolving the situation.
Men are sincere in their manifestations, cause trust, are not inclined to compete with women.

The guys are always attentive and courteous with the girls, allowing them to be in the spotlight.
Reliable in friendship – obligatory, always ready to help, directed more to action than reasoning.
Friendly communication helps in the future in building love relationships, promotes self-knowledge and understanding of the opposite sex, characteristics, differences.
A good friend can give advice from a male point of view, help to look at the situation differently.

Men are more truthful in their assessments, do not show envy, can sincerely rejoice at achievements, evaluate a new outfit, and make a compliment.
For a young girl, communication with the guys is of great importance, contributes to the growth of self-esteem.
Communication with men is more interesting – it allows you to look at the world differently, new topics for conversation arise, and the range of interests expands.
Therefore, for girls and women, friendships with the opposite sex carry a lot of positives, while you should be confident in choosing friends and careful in choosing a company.

What are the reasons for the friendship of guys with girls?
In adolescence, the influence of the hormonal background increases, there is interest in the opposite sex, an unconscious attraction.
Sensitive girls can understand, show attention, care.

It is pleasant to be in the company of girls, men like to feel the attention of women, support, positive assessments.
The desire to impress the opposite sex.
The desire for knowledge of girls, the features of their behavior, thoughts, the desire to receive friendly advice from them.
friendship and sex

Usually guys prefer male companies for friendship, but in the teenage period, more often female and male groups intersect, mixed ones form. There is more and more interest in each other. At this stage, friendship is more of a preparation for love.

Are there any friendly feelings without intimate coloring? The psychology of friendship between a man and a woman gives such friendship a special status – it’s not just friendship and not love, but rather average. When people just make friends, communicate, there is a feeling of who it is – a girl or a man, which causes special feelings. We are opposite in essence, like flame and water, earth and sky, it is the differences that cause a strong attraction between men and women.

Friendship or love?
The psychology of love, love – friendship, how to distinguish friendship from falling in love? – a question haunting many young people. Communication can be enjoyable, but where is the line symbolizing love?

We will try to identify the main differences:
falling in love arises as a flash of lightning, discovery, sudden feeling, and friendship is the result of long communication, a series of meetings, joint activities;
falling in love does not have special levels, it exists, as a given, it is difficult not to notice, friendship attachment has different levels – weak, strong, there may be acquaintances or real friends;

falling in love is passion, and hence suffering, involves ecstasy and high joy from meetings, but also the agony of separation and feelings. Friendly feelings are not related to experiences, rather aimed at the joy of communication;
falling in love is one-sided without an answer, and friendly interaction is usually a mutual process – communication, mutual sympathy, the desire to help in difficult situations;
love is prone to idealization, a person is real and at the same time becomes special, the best in the world, in friendship we really value a friend, we see objectively;
in friendship it is important to feel the understanding of a friend and feel the similarity of views, in love a person is constantly in search of answers – is there reciprocity or not, whether they love me;
friendship is fair and demanding to a lesser extent, love is insanity, constant anxieties, thoughts, even having found reciprocity, a person often feels ups and downs of joy at the time of separation, experiences.

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