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Haptophobia: symptoms and manifestation. What to do if there is a fear of touching?

Haptophobia is one of the most obscure phobias for others. It means that such people are afraid of the touches of strangers. Holders of a phobia do not want to contact others, because they experience fear and panic attacks. Below we will understand what is called a fear of touch, what are its causes and possible methods of treatment.

Those suffering from such a phobia are afraid when the boundaries of their space are violated. Each person has his own concept of the distinction between personal and social. Haptophobes have a vague idea of ​​this.

Since most people live in large cities, they cannot build barriers from other residents. Constant contact occurs in public transport, when visiting museums and shops. Close contact with other members of society is simply inevitable.

During the “penetration” of a person’s personal territory, which is afraid of the touch of strangers, uncontrollable feelings of disgust and fear appear. This is not squeamishness. Such people need the help of specialists to get rid of fear. If the phobia is not treated, then such a person can easily become isolated in himself, he will no longer be able to get out of the psycho-emotional state himself.

Causes of Phobia
There are internal and external factors that contribute to the appearance of a phobia.

Internal factors are
Character features.
Racist beliefs.
Chronic diseases of the central nervous system.
Many people have personality traits. For them, interference in the internal world of outsiders is unacceptable. One of the most common reasons for such a hobby is increased disgust.

fear of other people’s touch
Some have racist beliefs. Such people avoid touch from representatives of other nationalities. Women may have fear from touching males.

The main external factors include
Chronic diseases of the nervous system.
Sexual abuse experienced in childhood or adolescence.
Specific professions.
In chronic diseases of the central nervous system, haptophobia develops psychoses and neuroses. For this reason, they do not tolerate when someone intervenes in their personal space.

In childhood or adolescence, it happens that an individual experiences violence. Fear of the touch of strangers is characteristic of boys who were subjected to assault by pedophiles. They suffered a psychological trauma, reflected in adulthood.

People with disabilities also tend to avoid touching other people. Sometimes such a phobia can develop into aggression.

Anancaste disorder can cause haptophobia. Also, the fear of touching strangers provokes puberty. At this time, the guy or girl is afraid of being touched by the opposite sex. The teenager is shy that others will notice his sexual arousal.

There are specific professions. They leave an imprint on a person’s relationship with other members of society. Dermatologists face skin diseases every day. They do not like when other people touch their skin.

Internal causes of phobia
A sharp decrease in the sexual activity of a woman or a man often means a fear of touching. This is usually associated with problems of weight, human health. Experts recommend paying attention to the hormonal background.

Due to the low level of testosterone in a person, libido decreases, he no longer has a desire to make love and touch his loved ones.

Phobia often occurs in boys in their teens. Young men do not seek contact with persons of the opposite sex. They fear manifestations of an erection at the most inopportune moment.

Athenphosmophobia is the result of rape. A haptophobe associates strangers and too intrusive friends with danger. If a person had sexual contact in childhood, then the state of loneliness becomes closer to him, the individual has certain difficulties in contact with other representatives of society. Women are afraid of attempts to take their hand from the side of other men. They do not give them the opportunity to touch the body. It so happens that girls run away from men, give them a rebuff. A lady can strike in the nose or face of a stranger.

During a panic attack, patients lose control of their own actions. If the boys were victims of adult men, then in their conscious age there is not only a fear of touching other people, but also there are certain difficulties in socialization. Such male representatives cannot make friends or romance with women, as they are constantly afraid of a repetition of the situation.

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