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Gynophobia – fear of women: symptoms, treatment, ways to combat phobia

Gynophobia is an obsessive fear of women. Fear of women causes panic conditions, most often it occurs in men. Such fear is one of the most common phobias in modern society. It is often difficult for a guy or girl to make contact with the opposite sex. Such a disorder is unstable, has a destructive nature for the life of one who is afraid. Next, we will understand what the fear of women is called, and why it arises.

The most common causes of gynophobia include psychological trauma that is hidden. In this case, hypnosis is needed to recover. Thanks to him, the attention of a person is directed inside himself. Memories are more clear and vivid. Hypnotic methods help in finding themselves, their problems, their acceptance and awareness. So patients can get rid of their fears and anxieties. During hypnosis, the human psyche opens, the individual feels more relaxed. No need to be afraid of such a method of getting rid of women’s fear.

The despotic severity of the mother is the most common cause of gynophobia. A child in childhood could suppress his will, apply tough measures in education.
What is the fear of women called, and what is she talking about? First of all, about the fact that the representatives of the male gender had no authority. This is most often the root cause of the phobia. Often fathers are soft and speechless; they do not take part in the symbolic punishment of the child. Often men take on female roles in the family. Before children, they always appear in a friendly and festive mood. Such fathers constantly show tenderness and love. At the instinct level, the wives of such men begin to make up for the mental elements of the family that were lost.

Women can teach males, take responsibility for making decisions, punish children, and teach a husband. All this is not characteristic of nature. The resulting destructive images, they are transferred to all the ladies. To get rid of a phobia, it is important to record the example of a father whom everyone respects.

A conflicting sexual attitude can also lead to the development of gynophobia. On the one hand, men have an interest in communicating with the opposite sex, a desire to communicate with women. On the other hand, they may have a bad experience building relationships. Often, memory is kept of unpleasant situations in which the female sex was involved.

Gynophobia fear of women
Fear of women is most pronounced in relation to pregnant women. Such a man considers an unnatural process a relationship with a girl who is carrying a future child. A person may have an aversion to women, disgust in relation to them.

Other reasons
It happens that gynecophobia is characteristic of a female. Such girls hate other women, wives of other husbands. What is the fear of women called and why is it manifested not only in men? One of the main reasons is non-traditional orientation or fear of one’s own mother.

Often, young people are simply afraid to meet girls. They have a strong excitement, panic attacks. A man is unable to speak with a lady. If there is sufficient determination and will, a male can overcome the fear of women.

It is important not to give up, but to try again and again to make acquaintances. Most often, the role of a gynophobe goes to a man. Panic seizures at the sight of a male are also observed in gay men.
If you do not deal with such a phobia as the fear of women, then over time it will develop into a serious disease that will harm the physical and mental health of a person. Such an individual will not be able to have a full life in society, anachoretism is gradually manifested. A man becomes a hermit, isolates himself from the outside world, closes in himself. Possessing a phobia seeks closer to places where there are no people. He constantly has depressive states.

The main types of gynophobia
Each individual disease can proceed in its own way. There are several common forms:

To do this, contact a psychologist. Such men are afraid at the sight of a woman, they cannot choose the right words to start a dialogue, they do not know how to properly care for a girl. With severe excitement and anxiety, a male representative may begin a panic attack.

Fear of pregnant women originates in adolescence. Often men have unpleasant memories, they can not understand the female physiology.

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