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Female and male psychology in love and relationships

Male psychology in love and relationships is significantly different from female, they live in their own world, where you need to be strong, conquer the peaks and impress beautiful ladies. Yes, love is an incentive to development and success, but it is far from the only value in life. Women’s love is the whole world, they tend to live in love, constantly directing thoughts towards a loved one, they do things for the sake of love, and thanks to these feelings, they find the meaning of all life in them.
The psychology of men in love
The most important question for women: are men able to love, the psychology of love. We will try to understand the main differences, find a way to understand the world of masculine feelings and emotions. Male psychology in love and relationships has special origins and manifestations. In men, the stages in the formation of a feeling of love have a different order.

There is the following scheme of the origin of love:

the girl is physically attracted – beauty, gait, grace, emotional interest appears;
intellectual attraction – the need to learn more about a potential lover (tastes, interests, hobbies);

spiritual attraction – a feeling of a loved one, common interests, free communication.
Thus, for the emergence of love, relationships must go through certain stages, and a young man needs to know the girl well enough, then real feelings are possible, with a quick development of events, only a short affair is possible, mutual interest will not develop to the level of love. For women, on the contrary, intellect first attracts , the spiritual side of the personality, and later there is a craving on the physical level.

Harmony is created by combining all points – friendly communication, intellectual, emotional connection and physical attraction. As a result, stable relationships are formed, similar to soulmates or a meeting of two halves.

However, without the first point – physical interest – a man cannot love a woman, only friendship. And for women? Everything, perhaps, is developing, intellectual interest and intimacy can turn into physical. If there is no harmony in the relationship, the woman has a feeling of emptiness, dissatisfaction, a desire to get what she wants from other men: communication, support, understanding, attention.

female psychology in love
Why do women complain that men do not know how to love? Perhaps the whole point is a different approach to love. In the family, the stronger sex considers the main thing – providing material and fidelity – a guarantee of a lasting union, a manifestation of love, forgetting about spiritual intimacy, a woman’s need for communication, understanding, romance, not only physical satisfaction.

How are close relationships developing, stages of development of relations:
Attraction – in men, physical, in women – intellectual.
Uncertainty – a period of doubt, a temporary fading of interest in a man, do not rush, you need to be patient, a natural process.

The desire to be the only one is a conscious choice, a person feels the desire to be with one woman, to continue the relationship.
Intimacy – full confidence is shown in communication, a person is ready to open his soul and heart, do not rush to reveal all the difficulties of character, lovers perceive shortcomings more easily.
Engagement is the stage when people move in the direction of marriage, plan to live life together, but even here there is an opportunity to comprehend everything and decide whether you are ready to marry, the relationship can end or go to the next stage of development.
Male psychology in love and relationships has a different development, an intelligent woman should understand: do not rush to force events, go into persuasion, emotional closeness should develop for the formation of strong relationships, a family union in the future. The mistake of men is the desire for speedy physical closeness, girls fall in love longer, they need to go through all the stages, even going to meet, they will not be happy. Of course, men also know how to love, there are really happy couples, which allows a woman to feel – she is loved and desired, the only one.

The following qualities are considered most important:
psychology of love
responsibility – the ability to be responsible for one’s actions, family, to be a reliable life partner, to fulfill promises and obligations;
patience, calmness – patience, understanding – the keys that open any doors, you need to learn to value the important things in life and not lose your temper due to trifles, even the loss of state is not worth the loss of a loved one. Patience helps you get the favor of your girlfriend;
sensitivity – attention to the cares and sorrows of a loved one is very important in relations with a woman living in her emotional world and in need of support;
confidence – for the development of this feeling, the participation of a woman is useful, with constant doubts on her part

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