Haptophobia: symptoms and manifestation. What to do if there is a fear of touching?
Haptophobia is one of the most obscure phobias for others. It means that such people are afraid of the touches of strangers. Holders of a phobia do not want to…

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How to influence people and successfully negotiate?
The psychology of persuasion is the demanded knowledge in all spheres of life. Conviction is not limited to winning a dispute or defending one’s point of view, persuasion skills are…

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Actual problems of self-realization among youth
If we consider the problems of youth’s self-realization not only from the individual’s side as the complexity of implementing an individual personality, but look at them in general as problems…

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Because what’s

Seven signs of mature love

Mainly because we in vain believe in all the wrong signs of love. We in vain believe that true love is all about romance and beautiful gestures, about strong, passionate feelings that encourage you to do what you have never done before.

We believe that true love is not only a phenomenon, that it is indicated by a fixed set of attitudes and values. We believe that true love makes you want to spend every second next to your loved one, which makes you jealous and deeply afraid that one wrong step can lead to the loss of the object of such passion.

And when your story begins, you confuse passion with love. Do not think that love is something concrete.

If “True Love” were something concrete, then this would be the logical opposite of “Fake Love”.

There is no true love, because it is either love, no. This is either love, or passion, possessiveness, “stroking” your ego, or any other unhealthy relationship that is not marked by trust, respect and sincere bestowal. Continue reading

Women’s self-esteem, how to become happy and loved?

How to love yourself and increase self-esteem? The question is important and relevant in the presence of life difficulties, especially on the personal front. Often women tend to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of the family and their loved one, underestimating their importance. Is it correct?
More likely no than yes. It is useful to take care of the family, but you can’t forget about yourself, you need to respect and value your own personality, interests, health. A woman who respects herself will receive a corresponding reaction from others, will be worthy of true love.

The eternal question: what do women want, what is the essence of female happiness? Yes, women want a lot, especially mutual and happy love. However, ideas about life are often too idealized, which leads to further disappointment, and the desire to live “behind a stone wall” deprives initiative and independence, and a tyrant and a jealous person often gets into a spouse.

How to be? How to find female happiness, become the subject of happiness for a man, learn to attract worthy men, not losers and egoists.

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The relationship between behavioral psychology and human activities

Behavior is a person’s reaction to the impact of the external environment, as well as motivated conscious actions that express the person’s attitude to people, society and the world as a whole. A person’s behavior can be benevolent or aggressive, appropriate or criminal. Behavior can comply with ethical and moral standards, or be deviant, that is, strongly deviate from generally accepted norms in society.

The psychology of human behavior depends on his character, temperament and personality type. And of course from the external environment, which affects a person. Psychologists and sociologists are working on the question of what human behavior depends on. What has a greater impact, genetics or the environment? The science that deals with research in this area is called sociobiology or human ethology. At the moment, there is no direct evidence of the dependence of behavior on human genetics. In search of an answer, F. Galton launched a study of the human genotype and chromosomes. This area of ​​science is called behavior genetics.

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Gynophobia - fear of women: symptoms, treatment, ways to combat phobia
Gynophobia is an obsessive fear of women. Fear of women causes panic conditions, most often it occurs in men. Such fear is one of the most common phobias in modern…


About the re-education of the life partner
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Relationships Without Manipulation
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How to influence people and successfully negotiate?
The psychology of persuasion is the demanded knowledge in all spheres of life. Conviction is not limited to winning a dispute or defending one’s point of view, persuasion skills are…